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The Amazon-ification of the Enterprise

Ever since I read Steve Yegge’s thoughtful “Platform Rant” about his time at Amazon and specific frustration at Google, I have been fascinated by the this largely unreported, titanic shift in IT thinking that underlies all the buzzwords of ‘Cloud’, ‘Apps’, ‘APIs’[...]

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Why Do We Keep Moving Files?

What Is Our Problem? With all the buzz about the cloud and big data, have you ever noticed how much we simply MOVE data as a regular course of business? It’s really kind of ridiculous given we live in an[...]

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Security As Core To Information Governance

Artificial Silos Discussions around Information Governance (IG) understandably revolve around eDiscovery, records management, litigation risk & cost, FOIA requests and regulatory issues. What is rarely discussed in the IG context is security. Closer consideration, however, shows that this is not[...]

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