Our Vision


EN3i is a Next Generation VAR focused on delivering integrated, proven solutions to clients that meet the demands of IT, Information Governance (IG), and the business users. The GEN3i team has proven expertise in various aspects of the enterprise information chain, including legal, regulatory, IT operations, enterprise backup, and information archiving. But, most importantly, we are focused on building out and validating fully integrated solutions before they are installed at any client. This allows us to offer proven solutions that others can only promise in slide decks.

In the old model, a VAR would help you make a selection and get all the infrastructure needed to install it, as well as provide installation support services. But, when that piece of software was required to work with some other business process, it became an exercise in hope and frustration. With GEN3i, we take the process several steps further and allow you to actually test and use the very suite of software you are evaluating for purchase, and do so in a way that gives you the confidence of knowing what a working solution will actually do.

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