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any organizations are looking to migrate their legacy data from existing repositories to a new and centralized system or archive, either in the cloud or on-premises. Often, email data is stored in legacy email or archive systems, or in dispersed individual email databases such as PST and NSF files. Other times vast amounts of legacy backup data are retained on tape. Data stored in these media and formats can be difficult or impossible to search, analyze and extract. As a result, eDiscovery, data minimization, risk management and other important email-related business functions become unworkable.

GEN3i Migration Services leverages unique technologies and proven methods to make it possible to migrate data between platforms faster and more cost-effectively than any other solution available today.

Archive Migration

GEN3i Migration Services leverages the fastest, most scalable and most cost-effective technology on the market for migrating email from legacy archives, email databases and individual files. In weeks, you can complete tasks that would take months or years using other tools.

  • Skip the API, avoiding issues with corrupt databases and indexes
  • Migrate terabytes of data per day
  • Analyze and categorize messages before migration and only migrate what you need
  • Preserve the folder structure of the source data
  • Automatically convert journal archives to mailbox archives and email files or databases from one format to another (such as from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange) in a single step

GEN3i systems can process email data orders of magnitude faster than other migration technologies by creating multiple direct connections to the source data in place and in its native format. We can extract data from journal or mailbox archives, dispersed email databases and files, and live email servers. Our technology extracts, converts and uploads data in a single operation, retaining the folder structure of the original mailboxes.

Organizations can typically halve the cost of the target storage, identify and deal with risky data and shorten migration timeframes from years to weeks while maintaining chain of custody. Defensible deletion and data remediation services are available.

Tape Services

GEN3i Migration Services is a global tape company and industry leader for tape restorations, legacy data migrations and information governance support. With decades of experience, GEN3i Migration Services is a pioneer in data restoration, migration, remediation and recovery. We provide comprehensive, customized solutions delivered as a service or managed service. Solution components include hardware, software, technical staff, project management, logistics, and media storage and destruction. GEN3i Migration Services leverages its’ own suite of universal and purpose-built tools to solve complex data problems globally. Our highly technical field engineers reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency through strategic workflows that uniquely and efficiently support our client’s needs.

GEN3i Migration Services has developed a suite of universal and specialized tools designed to access and restore any data with ease. We combine this suite with extensive technical expertise regarding backup, storage, archiving technology, information governance and records management. With strategic workflows and best-in-class practices we align with our client’s needs and goals. This provides us with the incentive to reduce risk and cost while driving projects to successful completion on time and within budget. GEN3i Migration Services has an unmatched ability to process any data format from any source, on-site, in any jurisdiction around the globe.

Specialties Include:

Data Migration, Data Restoration, Restoration Assurance, Computer Forensics, Backup Tapes, Data Recovery, Data Conversion, Data Mapping / Sampling, Universal Catalog Creation, Catalog Hygiene, Data De-Duplication, Email Conversion / Migration / Search & Filter, Big Data, Electronic Content Management (ECM), On-site Services, Information Management, Litigation Support, Data Management, Storage as a Service, Data Disposition, eDiscovery, Voice Logger Extraction / Conversion / Filter / De-Duplication and Information Governance

With GEN3i Migration Services, You Can:

  • Access any and all of your data, know what’s in the population and be able to make decisions on what to do next
  • Truly retire legacy systems and all the related costs while efficiently migrating or storing only the data you need
  • Restore, extract and analyze your data and deliver all or selected segments to your next solution or help determine your next solution based on facts about your data
  • Successfully comply with legal, regulatory and FOIA requirements with our project or managed service approaches
  • Achieve and maintain compliance to reduce legal expense and operating costs
  • Access, migrate, remediate, recover, retire and / or dispose… without needing your original infrastructure or staff
  • Reduce time, complexity and data volumes when responding to FOIA or eDiscovery requests

GEN3i Migration Services is EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certified, demonstrating our commitment to remain a leader in data protection, remediation, restoration, and migration from legacy media. In our global offices, or anywhere in the world we go to work with you, your data is safe.