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EN3i consultants have in-depth expertise in leading enterprise Backup, Archiving and eDiscovery solutions and have hands on experience in implementing, managing, and tuning these complex environments in large enterprise data centers. An assessment or health check is an excellent way of allowing a GEN3i consultant to review an organization's existing information management systems and processes. Our consultants have helped numerous enterprises in a wide range of industries meet their shrinking backup windows, improve reliability, cut power and labor costs, demonstrate return on technology investment and evaluate their infrastructure using critical business metrics.

The GEN3i team will conduct information gathering sessions ranging from a few hours to several weeks in partnership with your on-site staff. The GEN3i consultant begins an assessment engagement by comparing your existing application’s specific capabilities and configuration to industry best practices. After evaluating processes, windows and performance, the consultant provides recommendations on tuning your environment to achieve maximum performance and reliability.

GEN3i conducts these in-depth assessments using advanced reporting tools to evaluate your backup environment on a variety of key metrics, including data risk, backup and restore performance, asset utilization, power consumption and total cost of ownership. Results and expert recommendations are provided to you in a comprehensive report including prescribed solution options. The expert consultant's suggestions can include specific immediate issues, but could also prevent future disasters from occurring. Proactively detecting potential issues before they require major repairs allows the organization to focus on the discovery of information instead of responding to crashes or major IT incidents when conducting discoveries. Regular inspection and maintenance of an information management environment is imperative to the health and integrity of the solutions investment.