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ReNu Discovery is a web application that provides clients with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for eDiscovery processing and export. The solution is fully integrated with Nuix eDiscovery Workstation and Relativity but works as a standalone application that can also be integrated with other platforms such as the Workflow Management Tool.

ReNu utilizes template-driven workflows to ensure each data source is treated consistently, minimizing the risk of human error. The templates can be customized for each stage of the eDiscovery process allowing users to mix-and-match processing and export templates.

ReNu also collects comprehensive reporting metrics at each stage of the eDiscovery process and stores them in a shared database. The metrics can be accessed by third-party systems for various purposes such as billing and generating custom client-ready reports.

ReNu is fully customizable and can be integrated with existing tools as assessed. It is anticipated that ReNu would be integrated with the Workflow Management Tool for the customer implementation.

High-Level Process Workflow

ReNu high level process workflow

ReNu Features

  • Automated Processing in Nuix via template-driven workflows
  • Import data from multiple Nuix cases directly into Relativity Workspaces
  • Intelligent Queue – automated orchestration and load balancing of processing jobs across multiple shared Nuix instances
  • Optimized, in-memory batch data transfer using Relativity Services API
  • Reporting on processing set metrics and job monitoring
  • Single Sign-On for setting up processing sets and exporting results to Relativity
  • Field Mapping – visually map fields from Nuix Cases to Relativity Matters
  • Support for Elastic Cases
  • Fully Customizable with integration support for 3rd party vendors


  • GEN3i will provide Development Services for implementing custom enhancements to the customer’s ReNu implementation (i.e., integrate ReNu with the existing Workflow Management Tool.)
  • GEN3i will implement an agreed upon customization Statement of Work based on requirements gathered from the Assessment and Analysis project. That SOW will summarize the high-level design specifications, cost and project schedule.

ReNu Software Architecture Overview

ReNu software architecture review

ReNu Solution Components

  1. User Interface: A lightweight web-based customizable interface built on the AngularJS framework. The user interface offers a responsive design providing an optimal user experience across a wide range of browsers and devices.
  2. Backend: .NET application that manages the Nuix processing jobs and all transactions between the user interface and the Nuix RESTful API.
  3. Application Database: A database for storing application data such as batch details, template setting, job metrics and status.
  4. Nuix Restful v7.6: A RESTful application program interface that provides access to the Nuix 7.6 engine via HTTP requests.
  5. Nuix Management Server: A service for managing access to multiple Nuix user licenses within an organization.
  6. Relativity 9.6 or Relativity One: RESTful application program interface that provides access to the Relativity application.
  7. ElasticSearch cluster: a scalable and distributed search engine that allows the application to access and search across a large number of Nuix cases.

ReNu Software Architecture Overview (ElasticSearch)

ReNu software architecture overview Elastic Search

ReNu Benefits

  • Template-driven workflow simplifies and optimizes Nuix processing
    • Create templates to suit different cases and customer requirements
    • Empower less experienced eDiscovery staff to complete complex tasks
  • Automated API-based export into Relativity
    • Ensure consistent field mapping and accurate transfer
    • Eliminates the need to export data to a load file and manually import
  • Simple or Elastic Case Support
  • Reduce risk, lower cost and increase consistency
  • Avoid manual steps and human intervention with streamlined eDiscovery process
  • Achieve more consistent, audited and defensible results
  • Centralized reporting database
  • Integrate with 3rd party tools

Support Services

  • GEN3i will provide Technical Support which shall include:
    • Assistance with challenges installing and configuring Software
    • Diagnosis of problems with the functionality of Software
    • Assistance with identifying and applying possible resolutions to issues
    • 3rd Party Software (i.e., Nuix, Relativity) Version Upgrades
    • Ongoing feature enhancement/product roadmap
  • GEN3i will provide software support further defined within an agreed upon Service Level Agreement (“SLA”).

ReNu Discovery Software Pricing

ReNu is licensed under a Subscription model which is paid annually. Licensing Fee includes rights to use the software for agreed upon capacity for the term of the subscription and entitles the customer to Technical Assistance and software updates including new feature enhancements as determined by ReNu product roadmap. A Software Licensing Agreement and Technical Support Service Level Agreement must be executed with purchase.

All amounts stated in or in relation to this Agreement are, unless the context requires otherwise, stated exclusive of any applicable value added taxes, which will be added to those amounts and payable by the customer to GEN3i.