egacy storage systems are ill-equipped to address the business needs of today. Designed in a previous era, these systems were deployed in storage silos and quickly became complex and costly with data rigidly coupled to hardware. Frequent vendor-induced upgrades of both equipment and software licensing were the norm; while architectural limitations required overprovisioning of capacity to meet future SLAs at the same time that budgets remained constrained. Meanwhile, the systems have limited ability to fully address virtualization needs or to deliver economies of both function and scale across today’s data center environments.

Today’s technology is dramatically impacting storage architectures as organizations seek to deploy new features and capabilities, embark upon the next chapter in virtualization, and glean more insights from their data. Silo storage systems of the past are giving way to broader ecosystems — enhancing data center capabilities, speed of execution and cost structures.

The GEN3i team is experienced in the technologies to deliver new workload-optimized architectures that simplify IT for any size enterprise. From a cloud backup/archive target to storage virtualization through all flash and hybrid enterprise arrays, our engineers can architect the right solution for your ever growing storage demands. Our approach starts with modern storage architectures, with flexible, modular designs; integrated to address specific workload and data center challenges, and to deliver real advances in capabilities and value.