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t is no secret that a complete Information Governance program requires investments in technology across the enterprise information chain, from essential Archiving and Data Protection to eDiscovery, Records Management and other intra-company disciplines. Many large technology vendors have capitalized on this by offering “all-in” or “end-to-end” solutions to address all of your Information Governance needs via a single platform. FACT: There are no end-to-end information governance solutions in the marketplace today that do not fall short in one or more areas of the enterprise information chain. Recent market trends show that enterprises have finally given up on single-platform solutions and are happy to pick and mix best-of-breed technologies that can be integrated into an end-to-end workflow. They see it as the most effective and affordable way to progress their information governance programs.

At GEN3i, we specialize in integrating Information Management products, helping organizations tackle single problems such as making Archiving systems discoverable by eDiscovery and Records Management systems, as well as complex implementations such as accessing a variety of data repositories from a single user-interface. Unlike traditional point-to-point integration, our developers leverage the GEN3i Connector Development Framework, combining standardized toolsets and best practices to rapidly connect applications and deliver certified, secure and scalable solutions.

  • The proliferation of digital documents and growing number of content silos is one of the biggest information governance challenges facing enterprises today. GEN3i helps organizations improve their information governance programs by marrying best of breed technologies, on-premise and in the cloud.
  • A tremendous amount of business data and processes are tied up in legacy systems that don’t integrate with modern technologies. By building an API (Application Programming Interface) for these assets, GEN3i can extend the functionality of your legacy systems, allowing you to do more with what you already have.