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stablishing a comprehensive Electronic Records Management (ERM) strategy is critical to an organization’s ability to meet increasingly complex regulatory and technological challenges. GEN3i works with federal and commercial clients to understand their unique ERM requirements and identifying enabling technologies and business process improvements to meet these goals.

Increasing volumes of data have made manual records management virtually impossible meaning the process must be automated to be effective. The GEN3i team specialize in implementing machine learning technologies, helping customers make the transition to defensible auto-classification. We partner with cutting-edge technology providers to address the unique challenges of records retention and disposition. GEN3i can help you make it easier and more affordable to classify documents as specific record types via a controlled, repeatable, defensible process. Our team of experts can help ensure these technologies can be seamlessly integrated with organizations’ existing Archiving, Records Management and Enterprise Content Management infrastructures.

The GEN3i team can help your ERM strategy by:

  • Establishing records and information management policies
  • Creating automated retention policies
  • Leveraging content analytics to auto-classify large volumes of information quickly
  • Design and implementation of information lifecycle management system
  • Technical design and integration of enterprise archiving and content management tools